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Why Video is Important in Your Social Media Strategy

A video is a quick and easy way to gather and share information. There is no dull writing to read, no misunderstood tone, and your target audience can relax and take in the information. Are you maximizing your video assets on social media?

People want to learn more about the brands and creators they follow now more than ever before, and video is among the most powerful strategies to do so. Your video content strategy does not have to be complex and costly; often, the basic, most genuine ideas work best. Here are some reasons why you should incorporate video into your social media strategy.

1. It Allows Brands to Tell Their Stories

Brands can use video content to tell a story, with the added bonus of possibly selling a product. Visualizing communication as a story aids in the development of an emotional attachment, which can have a significant impact on customer engagement estimates. Brands can merge their messages with interesting and insightful content by communicating through storytelling, helping to make it far more likely that users will give up their time to check it out.

2. Videos Can Be Used on a Variety of Platforms

Producing high-quality visual content requires more time than taking pictures, but once completed, you can utilize it to reach out to multiple demographics across various platforms. Many influencers and brands are finding success on TikTok and Instagram Reels, as both social media platforms have the same 9:16 layout and comparable intent.

3. It Humanizes the Processes Behind the Business

Videos are an excellent way to show your audience the individuals and processes that go into running a business, thus increasing the transparency of your brand. For example, behind-the-scenes videos demonstrate why potential clients should want to work with you by revealing how you work and creating familiarity with the people within your brand.


Brands can use video clips to display their products in a more unique way, adding valuable context that is unattainable with a single photo. Video allows you to be brief and pique your audience's interest in the first few seconds. You must then guide them to take the step; something just as simple as "Click Here to Learn More" may suffice.

5. Boost Brand Recognition

If you've recently logged into any social media site, you may have noticed video content within the first few seconds. That is because videos typically works best with most algorithms due to the fact that it holds a viewer's attention for a longer period of time. Watermarking your video content with your logo is essential for ensuring immediate brand recognition, adding associative significance to social media campaigns, and gradually building corporate identity and trust.


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