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The Best, Most Creative Sports Accounts on Social Media

Professional sports teams fully grasp how to captivate a crowd, both in sports arenas and on social networking sites. On the other hand, sports fans are warming to the idea of using social media to discuss their favorite teams and athletes.

Whatever way you slice it, social media will continue to play a significant role in sports. Given that many professional sports teams use social media to interact with their fan base, who are the best professional sports teams to follow?

Vegas Golden Knights (nhl)

Much of the talk in the National Hockey League has mainly focused on the Vegas Golden Knights, and for special reason: the Knights are the only first-year expansion team to reach the Stanley Cup finals. In the same way that they defied convention by securing all of the right players to build the perfect roster, Vegas has done the same with its branding, going all out and incorporating any visible strategy to build a rabid fanbase.

As you scroll through Vegas' Twitter feed, you'll notice post after post that provides its readers with the information they require while also injecting a dash of humor or relatability almost every time.

Atlanta Hawks (nba)

The Atlanta Hawks provide fans with behind-the-scenes content and live video chatrooms with players. Furthermore, they use social media to engage with their fans. They utilize Facebook Live to host "Hawk Hangouts," in which fans can pose questions and interact with their favorite players one-on-one.

They've also discovered ways to incorporate social media into games, such as encouraging fans to use Tinder to partner up with matches during the game. During the game, fans who were matched met in a special suite, with the Hawks offering free roses and Altoids.

New York Red BullS (MLS)

The New York Red Bulls are producing binge-worthy content that their fans will undoubtedly enjoy. They are providing fans with something that no other outlet can – access. They provide fans with a behind-the-scenes ticket that takes them to warm-ups, the field, and the post-game huddle.

These videos provide an in-depth look at the game that you won't find anywhere. The team also publishes incredibly personal stories about their players. "Going Home with Luis Robles," a five-part series, is like viewing a brief documentary film with the aesthetic appeal of MTV Cribs.

Carolina Panthers (nfl)

The Carolina Panthers have one of the league's most entertaining and astute social media figures. Their creativity, eagerness to interact with fans, and gutsy nature when it comes to going against the grain are what truly distinguishes them. They are, in some ways, visionaries when it comes to creating content that instantaneously engages the reader, and they aren't afraid to have a little fun while doing so.

They have maintained head high amidst some clearly challenging times over the last few seasons, but given the structure now in place within the front office, fun times may not be far away.

Houston Astros (mlb)

With their "Earn History" campaign, the Astros won over social networking sites as they made a break for their first World Series win. They utilized branded visuals and motion graphics, and they catered the content to perform well across all platforms. They incorporated a subtle branded watermark to their photos even when they didn't use a graphic. Because of the consistent branding, their posts appeared to be part of a single narrative.


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