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What Is the Clubhouse App? How To Use It To Network and Build Your Brand

Clubhouse – you've probably heard it mentioned in your social media, but what is it, and what's all the hype about?

The Clubhouse app is a highly beneficial social media app that strips away the impersonal atmosphere other media networks often have and instead focuses on creating a genuine social circle among qualified users.

Professionals can connect with other members, collaborate on projects, or publicly highlight their achievements.

Here's everything you need to know about how to use Clubhouse and the best practices for brand building and marketing.

What Is Clubhouse

To put it simply, Clubhouse is a recently developed social media application that focuses on audio and the power of conversations for branding and networking. Users can scroll through open chatrooms or create their own with other Clubhouse members. These chatrooms are audio-only and similar to listening to a live, interactive conference-call with thought leaders from around the nation.

However, gaining admission to Clubhouse is not a simple feat — users currently must be personally invited by a platform member. That said, many users have gone from being 'on the waitlist' to inside the app within 24 hours or less.

The app is currently only open to personal profiles and requires real names, making it an excellent tool for networking, connections, and building your brand.

After downloading Clubhouse to your phone (the app is currently still in Beta testing and only compatible with iPhones), make a simple but informative profile. While some users opt for lengthy, drawn-out bios, you'll find yourself more often than not scrolling past the large majority of their information. Keep it relatively short and informative — share your job title, location, your interests, how to connect with you further, and more.

Other social media like Instagram and Twitter can (and should!) be linked to your profile to strengthen your brand image. The only way to currently connect outside of rooms is via your Instagram or Twitter, so make sure they're linked.

Pro tip: Utilize this! Follow those joining your room on Instagram or Twitter, and thank them for listening in your room.

Using Clubhouse as a Social Media

Clubhouse functions both as a connection-making social media app and a value-marketing tool.

Clubhouse fosters networking by letting users listen to valuable discussions and contribute their thoughts and opinions by hosting a room or being called up to the panel as a 'speaker.'

The distracting bells and whistles common in other social media applications are stripped away in favor of promoting content and engaging in resourceful discussion with others on various topics.

By entering and engaging in chatrooms, users can connect with other individuals relevant to their brand, business, or interest. When first entering any chatroom, it's best to begin as a Listener to understand the conversation's flow and content. Then, upgrade to a Speaker and begin crafting valuable connections.

Clubhouse for Branding and Marketing

Optimize your brand building and content marketing with the help of Clubhouse.

While Clubhouse doesn't currently allow brand accounts, that doesn't mean you can't build your company and presence through the app.

Clubhouse allows for easy collaboration and discussion on a wide variety of topics. By providing value and NOT PITCHING, you should always strive to contribute to the free-thinking and content-rich conversations in the Club Rooms' discussions. This helps reinforce you as a thought-leader in the topics you're interested in most.

Clubhouse also has other features that can aid in marketing discussions between teams and mentors — namely, Epics, Stories, and Spaces. While an Epic is used to highlight a more extensive marketing initiative to a broad audience, Stories or Spaces showcase smaller portions of larger projects. By actively publishing material and having discussions relevant to your business, you can effectively complete content marketing

on Clubhouse.

Real estate agents can make quality use of Clubhouse to promote their services and access new clientele or build referral relationships. As a broker, using Clubhouse as a professional social media creates the potential to actively showcase your services and summarize completed objectives to both clients and peers. The ability to connect more personally with realtors from across the nation can help build a quality referral base.

Start organically and build your way up. Don't start with a room pitching your services. Start with a room about trends you see in the space, tips for up and coming realtors, or other educational topics. Use your bio to sell your services and connect with people from your rooms through Instagram or Twitter.


The process of gaining membership to Clubhouse's exclusive social media app is well-worth the variety of benefits it brings to users in return. Get a head start on your business competition by creating your Clubhouse profile early and using the app to market and brand your business' content.

Whether you're a broker or a business owner, don't hesitate to join Clubhouse and get access to one of the most useful social media apps currently available!

Ready to get started? Click here to find out more about how Downfield Media can help build your brand.


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