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Standing Out on Clubhouse: Five Tips to Boost Your Brand

Social media is one of the most effective marketing tools in our current climate — now more than ever. If you haven't heard about a new application called Clubhouse yet, now is a good time to start learning and getting involved with it before it opens up for wider use. While it's technically invite-only and only for iOS users at the moment, Clubhouse is rapidly gaining popularity, recently hitting over one million users.

The new platform has become increasingly popular because it is unique — users can connect with each other through audio only. The app has become widely used for sharing industry ideas, networking, and much more. Here are a few ways to boost your brand on Clubhouse.

Here's how you can boost your brand on Clubhouse:

1. Make Authentic Connections

While Clubhouse is primarily used for networking purposes or niche topic discussions, one of the biggest mistakes people make when first jumping onto the platform is feeling like they need to 'pitch' themselves. Pitching yourself to other people on a social network doesn't feel authentic — and making genuine connections on social media is essential. People who continuously pitch themselves to build their brand have less success than other people who choose to authentically connect with the audience and let the conversation flow naturally. There's a massive difference between unnaturally inserting a pitch for your brand and adding value that meshes into the conversation. You shouldn't need to tell the audience you're an expert — show them.

2. Create an Amazing Profile

You want your profile to do the talking for you when you're not the one talking in the room. Everyone in the room can stay in the room and listen to the discussion while simultaneously checking out other people's profiles in the room. While you should choose a nice headshot of yourself that stands out — it's even more important to have a killer profile description that gets people interested in your expertise and your message. Your profile is your space to pitch yourself however you'd like; you should optimize it by detailing your brand and successes within your industry. The goal is to entice people to follow you, and if they do, they will be notified when you start other rooms to discuss various topics. The more followers you can accumulate, the more your brand will grow.

3. Be Consistent and Active

Just like all other social media platforms — consistency is critical. Clubhouse operates a little differently than other social networks that you may be familiar with because the algorithm does not have an enormous influence on users' growth. Clubhouse is a community where people are genuinely connecting professionally and personally; you want to ensure that you stay consistently involved with clubs and groups within your area of expertise to be a visible thought leader. Once Clubhouse becomes available to a more widespread audience soon, you will be far ahead of people just hopping onto the platform. If you're consistently logging into Clubhouse to play an active role within various rooms throughout the week, your brand will grow exponentially through the platform.

4. Add Value

There's a big difference between pitching your brand in an inauthentic way and sharing your expertise by providing value to other peoples' lives. If you contribute to the conversation by adding value in one way or another, people will feel inclined to click on your profile to find out more about who you are and what your brand is about. Adding value to the conversation by sharing your thoughts, opinions, and/or expertise allows people to connect with your message authentically. Remember: you want people to feel like they were naturally drawn to your brand, not force-fed a pitch.

5. Become a Moderator

Clubhouse has a feature that allows selected people to become moderators of certain rooms. (Note: While a moderator and speaker look similar on-stage, a moderator has the power to invite people up, kick them out, mute mics, etc. Speakers do not). You can become a moderator by creating your own room or if a moderator of another room appointing you as a moderator of that same room. Moderators can speak whenever they'd like because they are on the 'stage' while other users are in the 'audience' and must request to be brought up on the stage to begin speaking. Moderators have the power to bring people onto the stage, take them off, and kick anyone out of the room at any time. Becoming a moderator is a great way to showcase yourself as a thought-leader and provide value for the audience. You will undoubtedly get much more exposure if you're a moderator because you have more space in the conversation.

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