Realtors, It's Time to

Drop the Billboard Ads

You're driving down the street when you get stopped at a red light. You look up to see one of the thousands of billboards lining the streets of Chicago. You think, "I DO need a real estate agent," whip out your cell phone, punch in the number on the billboard, and call that person.

No? That last sentence has never happened to you?

Before modern-day technology, billboards used to be an effective way to advertise. Now, with fewer people driving to work and the ability to reach potential customers more consistently and on a more personal level, billboards fall short of generating the business leads you deserve.

Billboard advertisements require a few things:

● In large cities (like Chicago), they can cost a couple of thousand dollars per month

● You can only choose one image to try and represent your entire brand

● You're allotted only a few choice words to describe your services

● Want to change it up? It could take weeks or months for you to swap out your ad.

If My Billboard Ads Aren't Working, What Should I Do Instead?

Great question. So glad you asked.

While someone takes one glance at a billboard and goes about their day, social media marketing captivates your audience because they get to know you. You no longer have to describe your business in a few words to paste onto an expensive billboard somewhere, but rather, you have complete creative freedom to express yourself and your business's intentions.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

Social media completely FREE. That's right — free. There's no fee for posting on Instagram.

The money you save on expensive billboard or bus bench ads can (and should) be put toward growing your social media brand. You have so much more control over the message that your brand sends into the world.

As the saying goes, you're only as good as your last at-bat, and with social media, your brand and your story are constantly at the fingertips of thousands of potential customers. You can post 100 times a day to talk about real estate, the market, or anything that interests you.

Social media platforms give you the ability to partake in daily branding. Instead of sending your message out into the world and wondering what the feedback looks like, social media metrics give you an exact look into what marketing tactics work and which ones don't.

According to Technology Advice, businesses that prioritize storytelling are far more successful because they create a connection with consumers. Tell your business' story through active social media use. Social media is a way to easily get involved with your customer base: do giveaways, post testimonials, share your thanks, and tell your story. You can directly address prospective clients through a video that details how you can add value to their life if they use your services. Social media allows you to establish an authentic connection with your customers — generating business leads.

Social media acts as a one-stop-shop for your marketing efforts. Social media platforms are beginning to establish 'SEO' into their algorithms. This means that your target audience can easily find and interact with your business if you use the proper methods.

Take Your Business Into Your Own Hands

Create a compelling story that leaves people wanting to interact with your business daily. Social media marketing gives you a competitive advantage over other companies that don't have a solid social media presence. Traditional forms of advertising are slowly dying, while the world of social media is growing at an exponential rate.

Now more than ever, it's the right time to shift your focus to the millions of people on the online marketplace. Social media gives your brand the ability to control your narrative, directly interact with your customers quickly and effectively, and share valuable information that will create trust between you and your clients.

So what are you waiting for? Take those expensive and outdated billboard ads down and access the people online looking for services similar to yours. If you're wondering how you can scale your business through social media, contact us to learn about the tools in the online marketplace that will take your business to the next level.